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Anyone interested in enrolling at the Montreal Jazz School for the first time must complete the audition form. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the various programs.

  2. Review the admission criteria.

  3. Click on the "Audition" button and complete the form.

  4. Reserve a time slot according to your chosen program.

The auditions will take place at the premises of the Montreal Jazz School located at 162 Fairmount West, Montreal. The entrance is on the side of the building on Esplanade Street.



Jazz Combo

This course is aimed at musicians who already have some experience playing in a jazz ensemble. Students are placed by level into groups of 6 - 8 musicians that typically include voice, horns,  guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Participants are guided by an instructor, who helps them to develop ensemble playing skills, with an emphasis on listening; interaction; and conversation amongst band members. During the ten weeks, participants plan a balanced musical set of three to four tunes, which they will perform at the end of term in front of friends and family. 

Introduction to Jazz Combo

This course follows the same format as above. However, it is intended for those musicians who have good facility on their instrument but little to no experience playing in a jazz ensemble. Participants will become familiar with various aspects of ensemble playing including: interpretation, style, your role in a group setting, interaction amongst bandmates, accompanying techniques, and improvisation.

Youth Combo (12 - 17)

This training is designed for musicians aged 12 to 17 who have minimal musical knowledge. Given their limited experience, the approach of playing in a small ensemble allows young musicians to become accustomed to performing a more accessible repertoire.



  • Jazz Combo

  • Introduction to Jazz Combo

  • Youth combo (12 - 17)


  • 10 sessions, 90 min/session

  • 1 concert


  • $425.00 / semester

Cours trimestriels

Large Ensembles


The Montreal Jazz Ensemble is a large ensemble of 17 experienced musicians from diverse backgrounds, all seeking to perfect their instrumental skills, expand their knowledge of jazz, and cultivate strong reading and listening abilities through this demanding yet rewarding ensemble music. A challenging and gratifying repertoire will often be emphasized, leading to a lot of enjoyment! In addition to public performances, this ambassador of the Montreal Jazz School aims to represent the Montreal Jazz School in various competitions.



  • Big Band


  • 30 sessions, 2 hr/session (including concerts and competitions)


  • $1000.00/year

Master Classes and Workshops

Cours privés

Renowned artists share their experience and expertise in the form of a workshop. Participants are invited to bring their instruments to fully benefit from the teachings of the masters.



  • Workshop


  • 90 minutes per session

Admission fees

  • Fees vary. Please consult the individual workshop page

Private lessons

Maste Class

This course meets the specific needs of students who require more targeted learning. Private lessons are available for musicians of all levels. We simply need to know your instrument so that we can match you with an experienced instructor. Contact us to reserve your private lessons.



  • Private lessons


  • 60 minutes per session


  • 5 courses: $475

  • 10 courses: $900

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